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My name is Tamara D. Ferrigno, If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may already know That I am a permanent make up artist, what you may not know is that I Microbladed my own brows to first hand understand the experience. Microblading is a semi-permanent type of tattoo making hair strokes using a specialty needle that work like a sharp pencil. It looks natural and doesn’t wipe off in the pool or at night! It’s become so popular lately that I thought it might be nice for people who are considering Microblading to hear from someone who does it and has already had it done.

1. It won’t last as long as a traditional machine tattoo.

There is no Machine used in this process so the ink doesn’t go as deep. To me it’s a good thing because faces change over the years and so do styles so I am glad to not be stuck with the same brow.

Because forever is a long time, how long does it last then you ask? Tough question. For most people its any where from 2-5 years. Although there are exceptions, on both ends of the spectrum based on skin type, lifestyle etc. They will slowly fade out naturally over time. To keep them fresh and dark get a touch up once a year or so.

2. The process

Your initial consultation can be done in person or via email, then your appointment and a follow up /touch up appointment 4-6 weeks later. This is important to understand for two reasons. One, if you are planning to travel to Las Vegas for your appointment you should know you might have to make a second trip and plan for that just in case. Most of my clients don’t need any additional work. Sometimes they do not take the color in some areas, don’t freak out. That’s what the touch up is for. It’s also a good time to address any tweaks that you want done to your brow if something is off to you.

3. It looks more like hair than “filled brows”

If you’ve grown accustomed to the look of your brows with makeup on them you may still want to fill them when you’re getting all glammed up. I did a permanent soft-fill on mine as I don’t have the time to fill on a daily basis, I do ADORE having the hair strokes eyebrow with a soft-fill, because I know exactly how I will look each and every single day so I need much less time when I get ready in the morning, not to mention, how my husband loves to wake to my done up look, he calls me “Hollywood” because I’m always made up.

 4. It’s all in the art, find an artist you can trust.

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