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Perfect Eyebrow

The eyebrow is one of the most significant features of the human face. Framing the eye, it conveys emotion and expression, and can animate the face in ways that other features do not. Throughout history, the eyebrow has been considered one of the essential elements of feminine facial beauty, and whether the fashion was for a full, lush brow or a nearly invisible one, brows have been plucked, painted, powdered, tattooed, and dyed to a shape and look that women want.

Reasons Why Eyebrows Stop Growing

Like any other aspect of the face, it is no wonder that this feature can cause distress when damaged or no longer has a satisfactory appearance. Sadly, it is not uncommon for over plucked eyebrow hairs to cease regrowing over time and what was once done to improve their appearance leaves the natural eyebrows permanently asymmetrical, too thin, or even bare.

As with other bodily hair, certain conditions such as thyroid problems or nutritional deficiencies can cause the hairs of the eyebrow to fall out over time, or to simply never grow. Accidental damage such as burns or scarring can result in loss of part or all of the follicles. Until recently, restoring a natural and beautiful condition to lost or damaged brows has been less than satisfactory.

Common Solutions to Sparse Eyebrows

Redrawing missing or sparse eyebrows is the most common method used to give thin eyebrows a fuller, more filled in appearance. However, this can become a frustrating and dispiriting start to each morning. Some women never feel confident or satisfied with the results and suffer anxiety about leaving the house or meeting friends.

Coloring Products, Powders & Dyes

Although there are many over-the-counter products out there that promise to “regrow” eyebrow hair, none are approved by the FDA for such use. Some products promise to “strengthen and “condition” eyebrow hair but these are empty words that are meaningless in the real world. What these products often merely do is “coat” the hair with a fiber, powder or dye that makes it appear thicker while filling in the vacant areas between hairs. The end result is still a colored in look that is one-dimensional.

Example of a sparse or thin eyebrow due to overplucking with tweezers.

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