Choosing a Permanent Makeup Artist

When choosing a permanent makeup artist.....

Reputation is All

Permanent makeup artists fall into two different categories: those who have had formal training or an apprenticeship and "scratchers.'

The scratcher is an untrained permanent makeup person who may be artistically gifted but rarely bothers sterilizing his instruments. The scratcher may work out of a studio, but often works from his home, a bedroom or the back room of a bar. They may describe themselves as freelancer. A scratcher often purchases equipment through the Internet or email. The worst thing about a scratcher is their tendency to reuse needles which of course can lead to fatal diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS.

In a category somewhere between the shady practices of the scratcher and the brightly lit sanitary studio of professional PMU (permanent makeup) tattoo artists are the artists that just don't have any artistic talent. Their PMU tattoos are badly executed, the lines uneven, the look unattractive and their drawing look unnatural or is out of proportion. If a PMU artist's works seems ill thought out or lacks a pleasant composition then trust your instincts and stay away.

Unfortunately we live in a day and age where tattooing could literally be the death of a customer if proper procedures are not strictly carried out. Needles and equipment must be properly sterilized, cross-contamination and strict sterilization techniques must be adhered to, or disease can spread as quickly. Blood-borne pathogens do kill tattoo clients. If you think all that you need to get a PMU tattoo is a needle and some ink...think again! Before you c