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Traveling to Las Vegas for Permanent Makeup. The New Tourism?

Permanent Makeup Tourism

A new trend that is making waves in the media, “permanent makeup tourism” refers to traveling to another state or country for Permanent makeup. With an estimated 75,000 people from the United States traveling abroad each year, it’s clear that this trend is becoming increasingly popular. Permanent cosmetic are among the most common procedures sought by travelers.

Because artist in other countries may not be held to the same rigorous standards as the ones certified in the U.S., traveling abroad for Permanent Cosmetics can be a dangerous prospect. Tamara D. Ferrigno a certified Micropigmentation artist, does not advocate for international permanent makeup tourism and emphasizes the importance of keeping your Permanent Cosmetic travels limited to the United States.

At MM Brows, we see subjects from all over the globe who are seeking a variety of procedures from an experienced cosmetic MIcropigmentation expert. Mrs. Tamara D. Ferrigno is dedicated to assisting out of town Guest and strive to provide resources that benefit Permanent makeup tourists visiting Las Vegas and make the process safe, successful, and rewarding.

Deciding to Travel for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic makeup results may be with you for a lifetime and finding a permanent cosmetic artist who has the right training, expertise, and aesthetic style to meet your needs is essential. Traveling opens up your options for finding the Permanent cosmetic artist who is right for you, if not close to you.

Whether coming from overseas or trekking domestically, traveling to or within the U.S. in pursuit of the results you want can be done safely and successfully. There are a multitude of reasons people to choose to travel for cosmetic Permanent Makeup, including avoiding excessive wait­ times in their countries or seeking procedural expertise not available in their town.

Some patients travel to keep their cosmetic permanent makeup “under the radar,” which can be difficult in some smaller towns. Spending your initial Healing period away from home can also allow you to focus solely on relaxing and recuperating during this important part of the permanent cosmetic process.

Whatever the reason, there is a right and safe way to approach Permanent cosmetic tourism.

Information for Visiting Travelers

With the ability to schedule a consultation within days, Mrs. Ferrigno is more accessible to clients when compared to most other artist who don’t have a full staff. After exploring available options during your initial consultation, Mrs. Ferrigno can often schedule you procedure as early as the same day.

Las Vegas has a predictable, comfortable climate for the initial phase of healing. Scheduling your Procedure during a US vacation can also offer you a more restful and private recovery, without having to resume household chores and responsibilities.

Finding a Qualified Artist

In the United States, there are systems in place to help make choosing a qualified artist easier. With stricter sanitation and safety standards than most other countries, combined with certification programs dictated by government specialty boards, your options for a safe choice are right at your fingertips, if not in your zip code. Just be sure to select a MIcropigmentation certified Permanent cosmetic artist for your procedure. Finding one is simple: just search the

When you have narrowed your search and have a list of potential Permanent makeup artist, it’s important to continue your research.

We recommend the following:

● Visit the artist’s website—does he or she offer comprehensive information about the practice and procedures offered?

● View before and after photos—does this artist provide results that are in line with your expectations? Are they experienced with the procedure you’re seeking?

● Seek out reviews and testimonials—reading the firsthand accounts of previous patients can provide an idea of a artist’s results, office environment, bedside manner, and much more.

● Verify credentials—find out the experience and training of not only the artist, but also the history of the artist.

● Check facility accreditation—make sure the proper permits are up to date and are displayed.

Preparing for Your Consultation

After you have decided to pursue Permanent Makeup, narrowed down or chosen an artist, and scheduled your consultation, there are still steps you can take to make the most out of your initial appointment. Whether you are consulting in person, over the phone, or through email, we can help you through the process. We cover a lot of information during the initial consultation and want to ensure you feel comfortable and well ­informed. If you need help preparing, our staff is always available. Call us and we will help you figure it out—all you have to do is show up.

Mrs. Ferrigno recommends writing down any questions you may have in advance. The MM brows website offers and provides a comprehensive list of common questions to ask during your consultation and after.

About Your Consultation

There are two scenarios when it comes to our out of town visitors: those who can come into the office for an in ­person consultation with Mrs. Ferrigno and those who cannot.

In-Office Consultation

If you can present for a consultation, Mrs. Ferrigno will meet with you and review your area(s) of concern and chosen procedure(s). She will discuss options, expectations, results, and recovery along with your ability to travel afterwards.

Phone or Email Consultation

If you’re unable to come in for consultation, we offer phone/email consultations. For this to be effective, we ask that you email a picture to our email; provide pictures of the areas you wish to discuss prior to the consult. Mrs. Ferrigno will review this information prior to your scheduled phone/email consultation so she is ready to discuss your options.

Tips for Taking Your Pre-Consult Photos

When taking photos, capture the five following angles for each area of interest: front, left, right, 45 degrees left, 45 degrees right. With some areas, additional angles may be needed.

Scheduling & Financing Surgery

After reviewing your quote and information, the next step is selecting a Procedure date. With so much to think about during this exciting time, the details can seem mundane. Be sure to think ahead to get the most out of your initial consultation and your time in Las Vegas.

Making Travel Plans

Taking the time to plan for your trip in advance is an important step for a smooth Procedure and Vacation. We recommend creating a step­ by ­step plan for your visit to Las Vegas. Once the details are out of the way, you can focus on enjoying the days leading up to your Procedure and enjoying afterward.

Before you buy your plane ticket to Las Vegas, be sure to contact our office about scheduling. Mrs. Ferrigno is typically able to schedule an initial consultation within a few days of being contacted and can often schedule the procedures in as few as 1­ weeks after consultation.

Securing a date for your procedure

Securing a date for your procedure requires a $100 deposit per procedure and may be paid online at MMbrows under the pay deposit tab. all payments must be complete on the day of the Procedure.

Your Cash, Credit, & Financing Options

Paying for your cosmetic Permanent makeup is easy. Our office gladly accepts all major credit cards and cash (no checks).

We also partner with patient financing company to provide our Guest with options when budgeting for permanent cosmetic makeup.

Our preferred financing agency is Advance Care Card offers a credit card that allows you to receive service now and pay over time.

Advance Care card works just like a credit card, but is exclusively for healthcare/permanent makeup services. You can use your card over and over for follow ­up appointments or different procedures. This means you don’t have to put your beauty on hold; you’ll have the power to decide when you would like to have your procedure done.

apply online at

Please apply early as your card can take 7-10 days to arrive you must precent card on day of procedure.

Please go to and read all the information you can, this will allow you to have the best experience, Thank you for considering us

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