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Traveling to Las Vegas for Permanent Makeup. The New Tourism?

Permanent Makeup Tourism

A new trend that is making waves in the media, “permanent makeup tourism” refers to traveling to another state or country for Permanent makeup. With an estimated 75,000 people from the United States traveling abroad each year, it’s clear that this trend is becoming increasingly popular. Permanent cosmetic are among the most common procedures sought by travelers.

Because artist in other countries may not be held to the same rigorous standards as the ones certified in the U.S., traveling abroad for Permanent Cosmetics can be a dangerous prospect. Tamara D. Ferrigno a certified Micropigmentation artist, does not advocate for international permanent makeup tourism and emphasizes the importance of keeping your Permanent Cosmetic travels limited to the United States.

At MM Brows, we see subjects from all over the globe who are seeking a variety of procedures from an experienced cosmetic MIcropigmentation expert. Mrs. Tamara D. Ferrigno is dedicated to assisting out of town Guest and strive to provide resources that benefit Permanent makeup tourists visiting Las Vegas and make the process safe, successful, and rewarding.