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We offer a completely customizable course catalog including Beginner, Intermediate , Advanced and Mastery courses, in permanent cosmetics.  Our instructor Tamara Ferrigno will do all the training, on a one on one setting and adapt each course to your individual needs allowing you to be an artist with freedom of expression in each service rather then pattern (cookie cutter) one style fits all.  Her style is all her own, her natural look follows natural contours of each individual face.  She will help you develop your own style to allow you to brand yourself and style to catapult your career. 

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Apprentiship for Body art card for SNHD

Microblading for Bigginers

Microblading Intermidiate

Microblading the Natural Look

Microblading advanced techniques and secrets

Microblading Men's Brows

Micro-Machine Eyebrows

Machine Eyebrows (Hair strokes, powder, Hombre, Ect.)

3D/ 6D Eyebrows

Color Correction for brows

Tattoo Removal

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PMU Rooms Available For Daily Rental 

Pigments Manipulation

Scar camouflage

Manual Eyeliner

Machine Eyeliner

Advance Eyeliner (Butterly, smokey, wing)

Eyelash Enhancement (manual)

Eyelash Enhancement (machine)


Lip liner

Lip Feathering

Lip Color Change


Scalp Micropigmentation

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