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Permanent Eyeliner

eyeliner makeup

Permanent eyeliner is a wonderful way to define and enhance the shape and natural beauty of your eyes. Treating yourself to this procedure provides you with some of the following benefits:


  • Saves you time – Time is such a commodity in today’s world, and this is one time intensive task that will be eliminated every day of the year.

  • Reduces stress – One slip of the wrist and your eyeliner is smeared. This always seems to happen when we’re in a hurry to get out the door. No need to stress over this issue when you have permanent eyeliner.


  • Prevents eye irritation which can occur when you accidentally touch your eye while applying eyeliner.



  • Prevents consistent stretching, and subsequent drooping of skin surrounding eyes including eyelids.


  • Contact wearers with permanent eyeliner do not have to worry about getting flakes of eyeliner on their contacts, then attempting to remove their contact without further eye irritation and smearing of their makeup.

When you apply eyeliner makeup, it’s almost impossible to avoid pulling and stretching the skin on your eyelid. Using a pencil or even a small brush will create friction as you apply the eyeliner, and this alone causes the skin to stretch. Over a period of time, due to the fact that your eyes have very thin skin; the thinnest skin on your body, your skin stops bouncing back, and the skin starts looking streched and it becomes more difficult to apply your eyeliner without making it appear smudged and uneven. Permanent eyeliner immediately eliminates this problem.

Another consideration is the aging factor.  As you age, your motor skills start to deteriorate making it more difficult to have a steady hand when applying your eyeliner, and thus, more difficult to maintain the ability to even apply your eyeliner.


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