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The Truth about Permanent Makeup in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada

The Truth about Permanent Makeup in the Henderson / Las Vegas metropolitan area Q: What are the risks of permanent makeup, and how can I find a qualified technician in Las Vegas and Henderson ? A: "You're right to have reservations about permanent makeup and should research as much as you can," says Dr. D. Friesen a retired Doctor from Las Vegas. "It's enticing because it saves time and woman can look done-up all the time," says Friesen "but it does have its drawbacks." To apply permanent makeup, also called micropigmentation, dermagraphic and microblading, color pigment is implanted in the upper layer of skin by a traditional tattoo machine (an electric needle punctures the skin at 50 to 3,000 times a minute, depositing particles of ink) and can be extremely painful or by manual implantation (SofTap also done with a needle but by hand allowing for more Contol). There is some discomfort, but the intensity of the pain significantly drops depends on the location of the tattoo and on the method used. Among other factors to take into account: Permanent makeup can smudge or blur if the pigment leaks into surrounding skin, and makeup styles do change with time. Hand applied permanent make up dose not penetrate as deep allowing you to change the shape much sooner than machine applied cosmetics. "Also it is imperative that you have a consultation in the space your procedure will take place, take a look at the cleanliness and talk to your actual technician the good one are alway confident and proud of their work and space," said Dr.Friesen. The most common procedures are filling in eyebrows or microblading also known as 3D eyebrows, lining eyes, and coloring lips. It usually costs between $475 and $999 per area, but the color can fade with a sun exposure so you may need touch-ups every year to two. Most technician will offer you a choice of touch up packages at great discount if you buy them on the day of your service. If you decide to get permanent makeup, choose a technician that's certified and has done advanced training internationally, like in the Netherlands. Ask to see their actual work. Permanent makeup is an art and you must like the style of work your Micropigmentation specialist is creating, To find one in your area, visit or

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