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Bullied Teen Who Got Permanent Makeup, Ready to Forgive Tormentors

I will start this story by letting you know that I will not be using my clients real name as she has asked me not to share it. Nina was a quiet 16 year-old girl that underwent a full permanent makeup make over after being bullied for many years about her looks. Today she is more confident than ever now and is ready to forgive her tormentors.

"I believe in forgiveness, but I will never forget the times that they did that, the times they made fun of me, and the times they hurt me," she said. "You have to make them earn it."

While most teenagers may get a new wardrobe before they head back to school in the fall but Nina got a new look.

 In June, she went under the needle , getting 3D microbladed eyebrows, top and bottom eyeliner and had her lips lined and color filled.

On her first day of her junior year, Nina was all smiles as she wore her hair up, showing her ears for the first time years. She even received compliments on her new look from a former bully.

The teenager was born normal but then developed alopecia, a disease that affects hair follicles and the person starts loosing hair. In her case eyebrows and eyelashes had fallen out. "School used to be a nightmare because I was constantly taunted about my appearance." She noted. 

"They said I have the biggest eyes that they've ever seen and they even called me E.T. and whale eyes," Nina said. "I tried to act like I didn't care, though I really did. It hurt a lot." 

She said the was bullying was so bad that she often had to stop herself from crying in front of her tormentors."I tried to hold it in as much as I could," she said. "Usually, when I'm walking home from the bus stop, I usually start to cry, or I usually cry myself to sleep sometimes, too."

The teenager tried to keep the bullying a secret from her mother, because she said she didn't want to burden her. After having asked her mother several times to use makeup, she was reminded each time that her religious believes did not allow it. She knew she could not find a way to ask her mother to go against them.

To Nina, whatever issues she was having, she felt it was superficial so she kept it to herself. When her mother did finally find out about the bullying, she said, she was heartbroken.

"I didn't realize it was that bad," Her mom said. "She would mostly say that she had a migraine and go to her room shutting the door behind her."

Nina became convinced that the solution to ending the bullying was permanent makeup . After a year's worth of constantly nudging her mother, she agreed.

"Every family has to make their own decision," her mother said. "So I let Nina make the decision. She's been begging me for so long to get her eyebrows Microbladed and that's what she wanted to do. So I just supported her."

"It isn't any different than somebody having teeth that require braces," she added. "If you had teeth that stuck out, wouldn't you go to a orthodontist to have braces put on?"

In fact, according to The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, 3D eyebrows Microblading is the most common permanent makeup procedure among teens, with over 111,100 microblading performed last year.

Given most family's financial situation her mom was wondering how she would pay for all the procedures all at once so she turned to Advance Care Credit Cards to take advantage of their 12 month interest free financing for permanent makeup.

Thank you Nina for sharing your story that Permanent makeup can be both attainable yet build a self confidence that others have torn down.  

You can see some Extreme eyebrows in the before and after section of my website. 

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