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Ombré hair, Ombré nails and now Ombré brows?   By Tamara D. Ferrigno

Trends change every season and through the years we have seen ombré come in strong but now ombré has chosen a new target.... Ombré brows. Microblading has hit an all-time high as everyone is looking for a natural look. But have you considered ombré brows? If you have you are not the first person and certainly won't be the last. Ombré effect has been done with makeup and has taken over Instagram. Well it can be done with permanent makeup too. Can you imagine waking up with Brows on Point every morning? Permanent makeup is applied in many ways, by hand or a permanent makeup machine are the most common ways. But whichever way you choose either of them can get the job done. If you aren't very familiar with what Ombré is let me explain it so that you understand the concept. Ombré is 2 or more colors that go from a darker to lighter shades. So, the most common look you will see with eyebrows will show the bottom of the brow (which is closer to the eye) and the tail being the darker area slowly graduating to a softer shade going up to the top of the brow. This can be done with Microblading to create a beautifully natural looking brow with a powdered effect. Whether you have been thinking of this for a while or it's a whole new concept for you, now is the time to make a change. Wake up every morning with Eyebrows on Point. To learn more about Ombré brows go to 

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