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SofTap Permenant Makeup and Microblading During Pregnancy and Postpartum.

SofTap permanent Makeup tattoos and microblading are more and more common. Where tattoos still require visiting a tattoo shop, permanent makeup micropigmatators are usally located in privet studios limiting the amount of people walking around to just the artist and the client. SofTap permanent Makeup tattoos are different from traditional tattoos and pose less risks of infection. But Pregnant women should steer clear of the tattooing process during pregnancy in order to eliminate risk permanent Makeup and microblading involve applying ink into the dermis (the uppermost layers of skin).

During pregnancy, facial tissues can be distorted and stretch due to swelling and fluid retention. This means that permanent makeup applied during pregnancy can change in shape once the baby has been born and the swelling subsides. I also suggest waiting till your done breast-feeding as I don't know of any study done on this.

Hormonal changes that cause the Discolorations of the facial tissue, flushing and blushing, can also effect the selection colors for permanent makeup. Warm, neutral and cold pigment colors are chosen for most premanent makeup to help blend the under tones of the persons skin to apply the natural pigments into the under tones of the skin. If the skin color is distorted due to increased blood volume and body heat, the artist may Not be able to creat the best color formula for your skin, the effect may not be the natural look you are looking for, once the baby is born. further, the pigment color applied to the skin may differ from the final result. And then the added expense of color correction makes waiting the best choice

The process of applying SofTap permanent makeup is not same as applying traditional tattoos. In traditional tattoos tattoo guns are used and the Needles and tools need to be autoclaved to sterilize and kill bacteria between uses. If the tattoo artist does not use an autoclave to clean all tools, HIV or Hepatitis B can be passed from one client to the next. In the SofTap permenant makeup and 3D microblading permanent makeup all needles and tools are completely disposable and a new set is alway opened in front of the client limiting the chance of infection even more.

Many pregnant women are surprised to find out that the safety of natural pigment inks have not tested on pregnant women. So In my opinion you have waited this long, just wait the few months you have left and then set up a free consultation with me.

You can reach me at 702-331-3754

Tamara D. Ferrigno MPS

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