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MM Brows offers the highly sought after SofTap Permanent cosmetics.

SofTap Permanent Cosmetics allows customized micropigments to be manually implanted into the skin’s dermal layer to produce a soft, natural look that can stand-alone or compliment traditional cosmetics. SofTap Permanent Cosmetics are safe, comfortable, natural and soft looking, affordable and long lasting alternative to make-up.

Permanent micropigmentation can be safely applied to most dermal layers of the body. The most popular treatment areas include lashline for lash enhancement, the eyelid for eyeliner, the eyebrow for shape and fullness, and the lips for a subtle hint of color. Reconstructive applications can also be used for areola restoration and scar and pigment camoflauging on the body following surgeries or injuries.

What does a permanent cosmetics treatment consist of?

Your SofTap Permanent Cosmetics treatment begins with a consultation and a professional skin analysis, at which time appropriate hypo-allergenic pigment colors are discussed and chosen for your skin tone. A light topical anesthetic is applied to the area for comfort, followed by application of micropigments. The micropigments are inserted manually into the dermal layer of the skin using sterile, single-use, disposable tools – no loud or clumsy machinery is involved. Most people describe the sensation as a plucking feeling, similar to a mosquito’s bite.

When will I notice the effect of a permanent cosmetics treatment?

The shape and form of the area treated is obvious immediately following the treatment, however the pigmentation will be much darker than the ‘true’ color for approximately five to seven days following the treatment. You can expect to loose approximately 40 percent of the color applied during the first week post-application (during which time a light ointment is applied three times a day to keep the area moist and clean). A follow up treatment will be scheduled approximately six to eight weeks after the initial treatment to ‘touch-up’ any areas where additional pigment is desired.

What happens as the effects of a permanent cosmetic treatment wear off?

Permanent cosmetics cannot be washed off and are considered ‘permanent’ because the pigments are injected into the dermal layer of the skin. This does, however, mean that they are exposed to the same factors as the rest of our skin such as the environment, the sun, and facial skincare products. Color boosts are recommended to prevent noticeable fading sometime between five and seven years following the initial treatment. Facial pigments will fade much faster than a traditional tattoo due to constant environmental and sun exposure; however, the fading varies from individual to individual.

Are there other alternatives to permanent cosmetics?

Althoughseveral application methods of permanent cosmetics exist, such as the coil method which involves unreliable and clumsy machinery, SofTap offers the most natural-looking form of permanent cosmetic enhancement. Ultimately the aesthetic artistry of the provider is key.

Learn more about SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics at or call 702-331-3754

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