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Is permanent makeup right for you?

Have you ever had that morning where you wake up 30 minutes late and you are rushing to get ready, you end up running out the door toting your makeup bag in hopes to put it on later? We've all had that morning! At times like this, you might ask yourself: "Wouldn't it be great to not have to worry about my makeup every day?" Permanent makeup can alleviate the hassle of doing your makeup every day. Whether it is eyeliner, eyebrows or lip shading permanent makeup may be the solution for you. Permanent makeup is ideal if you have an active life style, wear contacts, personal limitations, participate in sports or even if you are in the military. If you have sparse eyebrow hairs, allergies or have lips that could appear fuller, permanent makeup may be the answer. With permanent eyeliner you can enhance your natural shape, add a complimenting color or make your lashes appear longer and thicker. Permanent eyebrow color can help you maintain a desired shape or achieve a softer look than pencil shaping. Lip Liner and full lip shading can make thin or crooked lips appear fuller and more symmetrical. Also natural lip color can be restored. The earliest evidence of tattooing dates all the way back to the ice age. Permanent makeup is very safe when applied by a well trained technician. There are three methods for applying permanent makeup. The traditional coil machine, rotary machine or manual method. Most permanent makeup is done with "iron oxide" pigments. These are non toxic to tissue, non irritating and long lasting. The chances of developing an allergic reaction to these pigments is very low. Iron oxide pigments are non magnetic. It is a myth that a client can not have an MRI. You can! SofTap® is a manual system with no moving parts. Unlike traditional tattoo machines there is less trauma to the skin, fast healing, and complete control of pigment placement. Most clients find the procedures very tolerable. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment today for a no smug, natural look tomorrow and of course, more you time! (702) 331-3754.

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