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How to Choose the Right Technician… the first time.

1. If you want extraordinary results, you must find a technician who is both an artist and a technician.

All technicians are not the same. A technician might understand the basic mechanics of the cosmetic tattoo process, but the ability to draw and shade well with cosmetic tattoo equipment, is a skill set that takes artistic talent, lots of training and many years to perfect. The finished artwork will only be as good as the artist you select. Spend time evaluating your technician and look for someone that has extensive experience creating the “effects” you are considering. If you want eyebrows that look like real eyebrows, you need to be sure your technician is an artist first. If they cannot draw eyebrows that look like real hair on paper during your consultation, they will not be able to tattoo natural looking eyebrows on your face. Skilled artists do not use stencils. All work should be customized to the individual face shape and nuances of the facial bone structure.

Your goal should be to find a SofTap® permanent make up artist, not just a technician.

2. If you want your Permanent Cosmetics to look soft and natural, it is important to find an artist who will customize each service to your tastes and lifestyle.

Permanent cosmetic artistry requires years of experience to master the proper techniques. The services are semi-permanent and are designed to enhance your features or to correct an aesthetic defect. Camouflage and hair restoration, are two of the most challenging Permanent Cosmetic services, and should only be done by artists specifically trained in these skill sets. The finished artistry will be with you for a long time. Seasoned technicians customize the color and artistry based on your skin tone and aesthetic requests. Skin is a complicated living canvas, and no two people are the same. An experienced cosmetic artist has mastered both the technical nuances of cosmetic tattooing and color theory. Lots of testimonials from happy clients is a great indicator of the artist’s ability.

Take a look at:

3. Talent and expertise come with a price.

Low prices are not an indicator of value in permanent cosmetics. On the contrary, very low or “cheap” service prices are general indicators of inexperience, lack of business or cutting corners with pigments, anesthetics and cosmetic tattoo supplies. Many technicians who offer very cheap prices purchase their pigments and needles from China. This is not in the consumer’s best interest as the FDA does not supervise the manufacturing process of imported products. Pigments and needles can be tainted – and many chinese needle manufacturers coat their needles in lead. If you are considering a semi-permanent procedure that will be done on your face, discounted fees should not be the main criteria for making a decision. That bargain may not be a bargain if your finished artwork is less than beautiful or the color is wrong, Unfortunately, many technicians today are inadequately trained, having completed only one or two short classes before tattooing on faces. Expect that highly skilled permanent cosmetic technicians will charge fees commensurate with their level of training and expertise. Fees are general indicators of location, demand, quality of the service experience, and follow-up.

4. Technicians, training and artistic skill varies widely.

There is no substitute for training and experience. These are key consumer considerations that should be evaluated thoroughly “prior” to scheduling your procedure. Extensive training, testimonials, strong portfolios and professional affiliations can mean the difference between great results or a poor experience. Always ask for references or testimonials. Review your technicians’s web site. Arrange a consultation – or visit where they are working. Ask if they have people on-site that have had procedures by this technician. What is their policy for follow-up visits if needed? Is the permanent cosmetic artist you are considering affiliated with physicians? (This is generally a great indicator of technical and artistic proficiency. Doctors rarely associate with sub-par technicians).

5. Not all technicians are experienced with ethnic skin


If this is important to you, ask how much experience the artist has had with ethnic clientele, “before” you schedule a procedure. Ethnic skin is delicate and has special requirements that seasoned technicians address prior to and during a permanent cosmetic service. Tonal and textural differences in ethnic skin can affect how cosmetic pigment processes and heals. There is no substitute for experience with ethnic skin. Look for the most qualified artist that confidently addresses your questions and concerns and has a strong artistic flair. As always, portfolios with before and after photos will be a great indicator of what you can expect.


Take time to check out the technician you are considering for your permanent cosmetic services. Here’s the quick check-list:

  1. Are they an artist?

  2. How long have they been a SofTap® technician ?

  3. Are they Micro pigmentation certified?

  4. How many procedures have they done?

  5. Do they have a comprehensive portfolio?

  6. Testimonials or References Available?

  7. Are people on site that you can see close-up?

  8. Do they have physician affiliations?

  9. Do they work out of a professional, sanitary location?

  10. Ethnic skin specialist?

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