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Questions about Permanent Makeup in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

I Tamara Ferrigno am a certified micropigmentation professional, and specializes in designing beautiful brows.I uses a hand technique, teamed with topical anesthetics that make these procedures very comfortable. Beautiful, custom blended pigments are used that remain true. I brings you the highest standard of health and safety, using state of the art, OSHA compliant infection prevention guidelines. Every item used in procedures is disposable.


Whether you have already decided to go for it and enhance your beauty with permanent eye-liner, brows or lips, or you are just “trying on” the idea, you may have some questions. Be sure to check out our “Before & After” photos!

Q. What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is pigment placed under the skin (dermis) in a series of lines or dots placed closely together to create the desired image. The implanting of pigment under the skin is tattooing by definition.

Q. How much does it cost?

This is the question most asked when people first consider permanent makeup. A Permanent Makeup Artist who is using proper sterilization and sanitation procedures, good equipment, and has a professional facility, will cost several hundred dollars for any single procedure. They will invest their funds for proper insurance, professional forms and surroundings, and continuing education. Permanent makeup is just that, permanent. In this industry higher cost often equals higher quality.

That being said, the price being charged should include at least one follow-up visit, with touch up if necessary. The price will also include use of topical, over the counter anesthetics to minimize discomfort.

Hair Stroke Brows $600

Eyeliner (upper or lower lid medium ) $300

Eyeliner (both Medium on same visit) $550

Q. Is this a licensed profession in the State of Nevada?

Nevada law requires registration with the County Health Department. Currently there are no programs for licensing. However, it is probably in the works. Permanent Makeup is an art, not a science. If the technician has excellent training and experience, she will probably display her certificates from recognized educators and organizations and a portfolio or her work.

Q. I’m anxious about letting anyone else design my makeup, especially since it is permanent. What if I don’t like the design or color after the procedure?

You are in control of both of these important decisions. You will be provided with several pigment colors to choose from, all of which are complimentary to your skin tone. I have been a Nail Artist and designing eyebrows for nearly 20 years total, and will be happy to assist you in determining a design, if you wish. We will take into consideration your bone structure, skin tone and facial shape in designing a brow, lip or eyeliner, that suits you the best. You must approve of all design work before we proceed. This is your face, your procedure and it must meet your expectations. I do work conservatively and won’t do anything I feel won’t give you a subtle, natural look.

Q. What if eyebrow styles change?

Your eyebrow shape will be based on your own preferences, in combination with my suggestions for a classic shape that will not be affected by fads or cosmetic surgery.

Q. What if eyeliner goes out of style?

It is exceptionally difficult to find a stage in history where the appearance of darker, thicker eyelashes was not fashionable. With the eyeliner or lash enhancement procedure, your natural lash-line is enhanced for a fuller, beautiful, natural result. Thin, medium, and wide top and bottom eyeliners are very popular. However, my preference leans toward a more conservative, natural look.

Q. Who is a candidate for Permanent Makeup?

People who:

– Want to save time each day

– Are allergic to cosmetics

– Have sparse lashes or brows

– Engage in strenuous activities

– Wear contacts or have allergies

– Professionals wanting to look their best

– Have visual limitations

– Want to always look naturally beautiful

Q. I have heard that these procedures require multiple sessions. Why is that necessary?

It is necessary for several reasons. One is due to the condition of the skin. Each skin type is different. Some skin types are thicker and healthier and more pigment will be retained in one session. Also, fine details, additional color depth, or design adjustments are easily made after the initial healing is complete. A follow-up visit is always scheduled, if only to meet to discuss healed outcome of the procedure, take your after picture, and agree that no further work is necessary. Typically it takes a total of at least 2, possibly 3 applications, 4-8 weeks apart to achieve the desired outcome.

Q. If this is permanent, why are future touch-ups necessary?

The majors issues affecting the pristine appearance of your procedure is sun exposure, changing health conditions, smoking, medications, anti-aging products, and hormonal changes. At some point in time, usually several years after your initial procedure, you will want to refresh your color, which we offer at a substantial discount.

Q. I’m worried about the word “Permanent”.

Don’t be. Permanent Makeup is a multi-session process. During the healing process, the first application fades 40%-80%. After a month some of the pigment will have flaked off – this is the way the body heals itself. If anything, most clients return requesting more color, a thicker line, etc. After each subsequent application 4-8 weeks apart, the area retains more color, giving you your final outcome. It is required by law to call it “permanent” since we are placing pigment into the skin. However, due to the softer, more natural colors that are used it will fade over time. The length of time that pigment will remain is very individual. Body chemistry, skin pigmentation, and sun exposure are just a few of the factors that affect fade time.

Q. Is this considered a safe process?

Yes. It is a safe process if conducted by a trained professional that follows the proper sanitation and sterilization procedures. To ensure peace of mind to each of our clients, we open a sterilized tool and a manufactured sealed sterilized needle at the beginning of the procedure. The used needle is placed in a Sharps container when the procedure is completed. In addition, we sanitize all areas the client will come in contact with while in our treatment rooms. We recognize that any invasive procedure is of a concern to the general public. By conducting our procedures in this manner we feel clients are assured that their health and safety have been safeguarded to the highest standards. After leaving our spa, it is then the client’s responsibility to care for the procedure strictly adhering to the post treatment instructions, assuring normal healing.

Q. Will I be uncomfortable during the procedure?

Your comfort is my utmost concern. Recently released topical anesthetics make the procedure very comfortable for the client. I use a topical cream prior to the procedure and a liquid anesthetic throughout. Some people experience some discomfort during the procedure. This is described as a stinging or plucking sensation, which subsides as soon as the procedure is over. Following our pre treatment guide lines will greatly increase your comfort level.

Q. How soon can I resume normal activities?

For most people, usually the same day. My procedures normally produce little swelling or long lasting trauma to the surrounding skin. As a result, you may resume normal activities as long as they do not have an adverse affect on the healing process. For example, you would not want to introduce bacteria into the treated area, by sweating while working out. I recommend not planning on attending a special function the day of or up to 3 days after having your permanent makeup, only because it is a new look and will be darker than the final outcome.

Q. Are there any precautions that I need to take before my procedure?

Yes. One week prior to your appointment you will need to:

– Stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, or any pain medication

– Stop taking any herbal products, vitamins, flax seed, or any “fat burners”

– Do not use Retin A or products with hydoxyacids

– Do not tan your face

Q. Could I be allergic to the pigment?

There have not been any reported allergic reactions to the iron oxides developed for cosmetic pigmentation. I always do a patch test to safeguard against allergic reactions to pigments or topical anesthetics.

Q. There are different methods of micropigmentation, which one do you use?

I use a the SofTap® hand method because it is the gentlest way to implant permanent color into the skin, as opposed to the machine method. The SofTap® needle configurations are designed to provide maximum comfort, fast healing, complete control, little or no touch- ups, and most importantly, the most natural look in the world. No noisy machine, and the needles are completely sterile and disposable. This hand method allows me a lot of versatility, so I can design individual hair strokes in the eyebrows, fill in lightly, or solidly. For eyeliner this method allows a thin fine line for lash enhancement, a smudgy effect, or a combination liner and lash enhancement, thick upper and thinner lower eyeliner. SofTap® pigments stay true, so your results will be completely soft and natural looking. back to top

Q. What can I expect overall post-procedure?

Each procedure behaves differently after its application. Depending on which procedure you’ve had done, you will see various changes occur in the next few weeks. Immediately after the procedure is done your make-up may look like it has been stamped onto your face. This is normal.

After your micropigmentation (permanent makeup) procedure, you may expect swelling. This can result from the procedure itself, or from a cream or ointment applied during or after (that is why I suggest you apply SofTap® Recover All) otherwise do not disturb the treated area. Very rarely is the swelling excessive, and is usually short lived. Ice packs applied at 15 minute intervals each hour can control this. When the swelling dissipates, it usually goes down in one area first and then the other.

It is extremely important that post instructions are followed to guarantee the results you’ve just invested in. SofTap® Recover All ointment must be applied on the treated area, and kept consistently moist. When the area has healed, there is a much greater chance that the permanent makeup will be too light or too subtle. It is much easier to add pigment than to remove it. This is the reason I include one touch up session in the price of the procedure*. The touch-ups are fast, easily tolerated and recommended to perfectly balance your outcome.

Any discomfort after the procedure is usually very minimal. Within 10-14 days this artificial look will naturalize and soften. It is impossible to accurately evaluate what the final result will be until this “naturalization” process occurs, especially true with eyebrows. Several hours after application, they will appear much darker and thicker than they will in a week or two. The shape may even appear to be somewhat distorted; don’t worry. Brows may scab over and have a “Groucho Marx” appearance for a few days, but when the scab lifts there’s a beautiful brow underneath. Let it heal naturally, don’t pick at it or the line will not appear uniform. If you have any concerns about any reactions you are experiencing please contact me.

Due to varying degrees of difficulty of applications associated with lip/skin texture, scarring or wrinkles around lip lines from cold sores, anti-aging laser treatments, medications, smoking, sun or tanning bed exposure and use of hydroxy acids , and we cannot guarantee “perfect” results in two visits. Therefore, if irregularities in pigment color develop from the above mentioned conditions, additional procedures may be necessary. These conditions also affect the longevity of the permanent cosmetic, causing some persons to require maintenance sooner than others.

*First touch up must be done 6 weeks following the procedure, and is for a time limit of 1 hour for eyebrows and eyeliner, and 2 hours for lips. If your touch up time takes longer, there will be a charge of $50 for every 15 minutes over this limit. During this first touch-up application the makeup will be balanced and will not be supplemented, darkened, lightened, moved, changed or altered in any way necessary from the original procedure, or there will be the additional charge. If a third touch up is necessary the charge is $50 for every 15 minutes.

For more information

visit my website

or call me at 702-331-3754 we are conveniently located at the Kohl’s Shopping center on

Valle Verde and the 215. 50 N. Valle Verde Dr. Suite 140.

Henderson, Nevada 89074

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