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Questions about Permanent Makeup in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

I Tamara Ferrigno am a certified micropigmentation professional, and specializes in designing beautiful brows.I uses a hand technique, teamed with topical anesthetics that make these procedures very comfortable. Beautiful, custom blended pigments are used that remain true. I brings you the highest standard of health and safety, using state of the art, OSHA compliant infection prevention guidelines. Every item used in procedures is disposable.


Whether you have already decided to go for it and enhance your beauty with permanent eye-liner, brows or lips, or you are just “trying on” the idea, you may have some questions. Be sure to check out our “Before & After” photos!

Q. What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is pigment placed under the skin (dermis) in a series of lines or dots placed closely together to create the desired image. The implanting of pigment under the skin is tattooing by definition.

Q. How much does it cost?

This is the question most asked when people first consider permanent makeup. A Permanent Makeup Artist who is using proper sterilization and sanitation procedures, good equipment, and has a professional facility, will cost several hundred dollars for any single procedure. They will invest their funds for proper insurance, professional forms and surroundings, and continuing education. Permanent makeup is just that, permanent. In this industry higher cost often equals higher quality.

That being said, the price being charged should include at least one follow-up visit, with touch up if necessary. The price will a