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Tamara D. Ferrigno MPS., SMP., CPCP.

Master Practitioner / Educator.  Micropigmetation Specialist

  One of the most accredited Permanent Cosmetic Practitioners, Instructor in the Henderson / Las Vegas metropolitan area, Tamara D. Ferrigno, is highly trained in her field. She has a degree in Micropimentation, Microblading, Scalp Micropimentation her most recent achievement was to become a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner (CPCP) with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Practitioners ( all part of her journey in becoming what she is today! Born in Huntington Beach, California, Tamara is one of the world's most sought out permanent makeup artists. Her technique, which she calls “The Natural Look,” is self-developed after traveling around the world and fusing other techniques together to create a look all her own. Her belief is that great artists are hard to find, but a great artist that is certified in permanent cosmetic even harder. In her words, “This is permanent and it’s on your face-Make sure the artist understands your skin pigmentation, so you will have a beautiful long-lasting work of art on your face and not something that looks good today then changes color in time” (Not all artists train for different pigmentation or skin types. Go to to check on your artist.)

 Tamara started her work career working in the fitness industry in California while still in high school. After reaching all her goals, including overseeing the entire operations and ready for a new challenge, she went in to the medical field, studying nursing in Fountain Valley, California. Still fascinated by the health and beauty industry, she wanted more involvement in the beauty industry and in 1993 made a career shift to attend nail technical school. She decided to open her own business and follow her natural skill set by venturing into the world of the nail salon business. Opening her first salon in 1997 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, she was selected by the National Cosmetology Association and Nail Techs of America to teach classes nationally in advanced techniques.

 In 2001, Tamara sold the salon and moved to Las Vegas to start a family. As a master nail artist, she worked in several of the top casino spas. Then, in 2013, she again wanted more control over the creative aspect of her industry and soon after opened The Mirror Mirror Salon in Henderson, Nevada. Her incredible artistry made her a perfect candidate for the permanent cosmetic industry, Tamara Ferrigno is now world renowned Permanent Cosmetic Specialist of the unique hand method and Microblading technique. Tamara's keen attention to detail and precise micro-strokes help her achieve some of the most realistic eyebrow tattoos in the world.

 The manual method in micro-pigmentation has had a resurgence around the world in the past few years and is now the most popular form of permanent cosmetic. Tamara has perfected her microstroking techniques for years and has been sharing her method with students in Las Vegas and around the world.  What sets her technique apart from conventional permanent makeup is the unique hand-held tool that she uses to create fine, crisp and extremely natural looking hair strokes.

 In 2015, she mastered the art of Permanent Makeup with Manual method for lips, eye and soft fills eyebrows eye, and manoblading method for natural look eyebrows.  She then embarked and mastered the art of fusing microblading and a soft fill to create a Unique style all her own. She worked hard and went on to expand her salon and create her own permanent cosmetic studio named MM Permanent Makeup inside The Mirror Mirror Salon. She also is the Scalp Micropigmantator at and The Ambassador for KB pro from the UK, here in the USA.

 Her life is in between attending Health and beauty events, new classes and getting new educational experiences in the field of permanent cosmetics.

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