I tried permanent makeup!

May 31, 2016


Despite my makeup bags, and a beauty closet packed with all kinds of cosmetics, I didn’t really wear very much of it. I just didn’t have time. The thing is I love the way my makeup looks on me. I have several shades of eye shadow, two sets of makeup brushes, and an obsession with Beauty Society powder. But, beyond the 10 minutes each morning I actually have to put on makeup before work, I’d rather spend an extra five minutes curled up in bed.So I decided to try a solution that would give me the look of natural makeup, without all the prep time—SofTap permanent makeup. I could sleep a little longer, have time to throw a little blush & mascara on and even time for a iced chai with coconut milk before heading to work. 


Eager to clean out my drawers of products, I booked an appointment with Tamara a micro pigmentation specialist. She does permanent eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner on clients in the Las Vegas/Henderson area.  

I decided to do my eyebrows and eyeliner because the thought of a needle on my lips freaked me out. Tamara assured me that this enhancement is a longer-lasting option which would only require touch ups every one to fifteen years depending on how I took care of my skin. I was ready to transform my life. Here’s how it went down:

Prep: After a healthy breakfast, I arrived barefaced at The Mirror Mirror Salon in Henderson, NV. Along with makeup, it’s best to avoid Aspirin before the procedure. Using a soothing, cleansing mask (to remove dead skin cells) is a plus too. 


Consultation: Before laying down for the application, we ran through a consultation about my preferences. Did I want a natural look or a more exotic one? I wasn’t sure, so Tamara showed me both – one on each eyebrow. I picked a more natural set. I had previously been worried that I wouldn’t like the results, but there was no way that could happen – she literally drew on my face (with a makeup pencil) how they would appear. My eyeliner I chose a more natural look with an eyelash enhancement on the top and a thin eyeliner on the bottom. She knew what I wanted and I felt more comfortable.  


Aftercare: I walked out with a little redness. As for my eyebrows? They could compete with those of Brooke Shields circa the 1980s. As for my eyes? They were just what I wanted, soft and natural look. To keep the skin around my brows and eyes from drying excessively I had to apply small amounts of Recover-All which she gave me. I also had to avoid any scratching, picking, rubbing and exfoliating.

Back to Me: After about 4-5 days, my brows and eyes were back to normal and so was my crazy schedule. I had had more time when they were already on my face, saving spare seconds for other things like sleep, and sipping chai tea in peace. For those 72 hours, I grew to like them. I noticed a slight difference in my look – and so did my friends. Some even felt they looked more natural than my own eyebrow makeup. I felt more natural with them, too. Did I feel like a supermodel? Not really, but I’m contemplating going back for my lip permanent makeup now. Those extra five to ten minutes over the years will really add up.


For more information visit 



M M Salon

50 N Valle Verde dr ste 140, Henderson, NV 

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